No Problem TV | Art in humanitarian aid services.

Sep 2, 2020

Hello Kawans,

This Thursday we’re happy to welcome a lot of people: The band’s “Soulfood” song RnB and Soul n’cool fresh rock band(@soulfoodmusic_),“Truedy”singer-pianist (@truedyduality),and Bintang Riyadi(@bintangriyadi) who will talk to us about the event on September 12.

Art and Humanity. We talked about it last week but this is a very broad topic. Two Lives certainly won’t be enough… Both interpret the human experience through words or non-verbal forms of expression. Indeed art has more to do with the act of creation through performance or physical production of works, whereas the humanities have more to do with research and critical analysis. However, we are confident that the two are inextricably linked!

In Asia, art, or at least the work of some artists, often serves as a social awareness tool, even a healing tool! It is also often a means of political expression. In certain other countries, art is sometimes (even often) until this effect is exploited by political regimes that see it as an ideal vector for spreading their “bad” ideas.

Art is a vector of communication and social bonding. Through art it is possible to reach all kinds of audiences. Most art comes to the public just as the public comes to art. This relationship is sometimes lacking in the world of humanity, which is constantly looking for ways to reinvent itself to influence a larger audience and share ideas about a goal. Art in all these forms is also a good way to mobilize people from all walks of life, even those whose sensitivities are not interested in humanity, it is a universal language par excellence.