Why become a partner of Kawan Baik?

We never get poor by giving back! Becoming a Kawan Baik literally means that you will become a good friend, and as we all know, good friends like to share!

Joining us means supporting local communities but also support local small brands, foundations, empowerment of communities in general, better access to education and health for remote areas and much more to come thanks to you. It is also giving a platform and give visibility for everyone equally.

How to become a partner of Kawan Baik Shop?

  1. Read our condition to know more about us
  2. Fill up the form “Join the Kawan Baik!” and tell us more about you
  3. Once reviewed by our team, we will contact you to know more about your products
  4. Download this template to add multiple products

Our conditions

What are our criteria to accept a brand?

  • Values of the brand: local products, crafts, handmade products and much more. Our criteria are mainly linked to the values of the brand, which must be respectful of working conditions and the environment.
  • Quality: The products sold on our eShop must also meet quality criteria and be subject to control before being put on sale. We grant ourselves the right to request a review of a product if it does not meet our quality criteria.
  • Shipment: We will ship the products and manage the inventory ourselves from our Base Camp in Bali.
  • Consumption-related products and cosmetics:
    1. Minimum expiring date for consumption products or cosmetics: 3 months
    2. Liquid of alimentary products: if the product is liquid or made for consumption, please inform us about the MSDS (What is MSDS?

Frequently Asked Questions

When and how do I get the payment?
We will transfer the result of the sales to your bank account monthly, at the beginning of the month. If the amount is not over 100’000 RP, we will wait the month after!

How do I choose the percentage that I give to the social-project?
We fixed the minimum at 20% to allow small local brands or foundations to also sell their products on our shop. But if you feel like give back a little more, it’s up to you!