Virtual Exhibit HYENA

Art that is created through a collaboration between artists from different creative fields will inevitably produce something that exceeds all expectations. This is the case in this collaboration between Balinese artists Erick Est (director/videographer), Made Bayak (painter), and Dialog Dini Hari (musicians) on the artwork “Hyena”. The paintings were created from a green screen in front of which Pohon Tua, alias Dadang Pranoto (singer/guitarist of Dialog Dini Hari) danced and moved to the rhythm of his song “Hyena”. Simultaneously, Made Bayak responded to the movements by sprinkling, with a light fire extinguisher, the paint of colours towards Pohon Tua. These splashes of painting and the dance movements of the singer have drawn captivating and vibrating patterns!

The green background was then divided into five paintings; they became Made Bayak’s first abstract work. This collaboration together with the artwork produced from it, are frozen in time and cannot be reproduced. When original ideas are carried out to their final result, no one can imagine what the result will be. All the actors of this project responded to unpredictable movements in a short time; 6 minutes without repetition. This unique moment took place on February 3, in a studio in Seminyak, Denpasar. Several media witnessed this performance which was neatly documented by Erick Est Movie. The video “Hyena” will soon be available as a captivating visual interpretation of Erick Est.