No Problem TV – join us for the “World Food Day”!

Oct 15, 2020

No Problem TV – Friday 16, 2020 at 4 PM WITA, join us for the “World Food Day”!
Since four months, The “Food Rescue Kitchen” created by Scholars of Sustenance, and under supervision of Nico and Delmisuryaputra, has provided nutritious meals to the needy population in Bali.
We already had the pleasure of having these two great humans on our TV Channel a few months ago, and our friendship and collaboration have grown even stronger over time thanks to our shared home Rumah Sanur Creative Hub.
It is therefore with great joy that we join them to honour this special day “World Food Day”. An occasion to celebrate Indonesian cuisine and the daily work of the Kitchen, Delmi, Nick and all the volunteers.
During two days, October 15 and 16, they will prepare 3,500 meals which will be distributed in the afternoon of the 16. Significant support provides The Marketing Heaven in charge of promoting this event on social media so that as many people as possible take part. If you want to join this incredible experience and be in the front row, you can contact Kawan Baik Indonesia by WhatsApp and volunteer for this event.
In the afternoon, from 4 PM to 6 PM, it will be time to share. Share our experiences, issues and try to find solutions together. Talks about food-related topics as a central point but also about education, water, daily work of the organisations and much more. You can therefore join us for this part of the LIVE event on and on Kawan Baik Indonesia’s Facebook.
Here is the program;
Rumah Sanur Creative Hub – Rudolf Dethu , Co Director
Aku For Bali – Satya Wibhawa S.H.M.H, Founder
IniTempe Bali – Benny Santoso, Founder
Social ImpaKt – Jeroen Van Overbeek, Founder
Terra Water Indonesia – Christine R. Manson, Executive Director
Kerja Bakti – Achintya Nilsen, CO Founder
Kawan Baik Indonesia – Alexandre Wettstein
Fair Future Foundation – Alexandre Wettstein, Founder
See you there!