No Problem TV – Let’s give a chance to those who want to take it!

Aug 2, 2020

Dear Madam, dear sir, dear friends, and family,

The world today is not the same as yesterday and will change again. You have to adapt even though it’s sometimes difficult because things change quickly.

The Fair Future Foundation (Switzerland and Indonesia), as well as Kawan Baik Indonesia, created No Problem TV in June 2020 on the original ideas of all the foundation’s friends. The foundation’s new media is dedicated to everyone who wants to talk about social projects, ideas that everyone wants to create, projects that support humanity and humanity, even personal projects.

No Problem TV is open to everyone!
One of our main goals is to give visibility to everyone on an equal footing, but also that these programs generate interest and lead to something concrete. No Problem TV is open to everyone! Whether you’re an artist, musician, writer, painter, teacher, human rights defender, gardener, cook, worker from the tertiary sector, or even a thoughtful non-violent activist. All TV shows under the are for social purposes only and are under the Fair Future Foundation Switzerland/ Indonesia survey.

The concept of No Problem TV is simple, yet ambitious.
Foundations, Friends people want to give you a foundation and that you can use this time available to you for free, to promote projects, ideas, social projects that support human, natural, ecological, animal, or all other forms of community initiatives, associations or groups of friends. You are free to talk about anything, politics, socialization, art, culture and tradition, gardening, committed goals because you are also a committed activist!

The distribution canvas is simple!
All friends have created a nice, friendly and cool studio, located in our “Base Camp” located in Denpasar (Sanur). Two cameras, microphone, “Green Box”, good sound too, and broadcast quality via Cloudflare.

We welcome up to 2 people on TV and offer the possibility of broadcasting your preferred media: Videos, soundtracks, PDF documents, images. Amps are available if you’re a guitarist for example and want to promote a song or album.

Every broadcast is 1 hour 30 minutes and we broadcast live every Thursday at 16:15 WITA – 08:15 GMT.

Let’s talk seriously but don’t do too much!
Alex’s friend is the host of No Problem TV, he wants to be a true and polite person, but can easily let go, show humor, but also launch controversy on the basis of concrete facts.

Above all, we ask for humor because we believe that so-called “serious” subjects or themes can also be excitement, good humor, and laughter! Everything is allowed on No Problem TV, you can get angry, even angry, say bad words the way you want, eat and drink whatever you want.

Let go, be yourself, be free to think, say, do whatever you want!

If you are interested in participating with us and getting things done, you can contact us using the button under “Do you want to be our next hero?”

Thank you very much and see you in Sanur Denpasar!