Perlahan itu baik! It means slow is good!

Aug 26, 2020

Hello Kawans, dear friends, teman-teman,

Uma Seminyak is the creative and vibrant space in the heart of Seminyak, in the South-Est of Bali. Pasar-Pasaran is a bi-annual artsy crafty market, for handmade goods, indie designers & local makers invited many in Uma Seminyak.

Antar Baik is is a delivery service using a bicycle in Bali, which is quite popular in several cities in Indonesia.
The event creator bring the concept Slow is Good after Uma Seminyak and Pasar-Pasaran was vacuum amid the pandemic, slowly wake-up! Uma Seminyak, Pasar-Pasaran; an artsy-crafty market, for hand-made goods, indie designers & local makers.

They all join Uma Seminyak for this exceptional day of sharing and discovery of a variety of beautiful products, who all have a vision and mission, aligned in respect of our planet and human. With the same vision, Antar Baik is a delivery service using bicycles in Bali, which is quite shot up in several cities in Indonesia.


Slowly but surely, slowly does not mean anti-speed, of course not! We are not extremists of slowness! We love speed, but faster doesn’t always mean better;
Taking your time means doing everything at the right speed: quickly, slowly, or at whatever pace will work best depending on what you have to do!
Taking your time means being present, living every moment fully, putting quality before quantity in everything that is work, and recovering from the break. It will be a healthy, happy, and human world;

A Personal wake-up call to the friend’s creative project, humanity and environmental field to join the occasion. The good news is that the Slow movement is growing fast! And as the world gets faster, the need for a counter-current of slowness will grow too. Here is a list of some of the best ethical brand joined to garden market for a social and humanity-good cause:
@kawanbaikindonesia with @kunangjewelry
@berteman_baik with @diskoria88 and @rumahberdaya_kpsibali
@pattika_bali with @dwe.natural
@bigboylooksgood with @desak.official
@jamu.yukjamu with @lemuwear

Kawan Baik.Co is proud to be part of this kind of market as we are launching our online shop for the hand-made and ethically-sourced products created and initiated by young socio-entrepreneur. The benefits support Kawan Baik Indonesia and Fair Future Foundation’s projects around the Archipelago. We are selling recycled, up-cycled products, original artwork and many ethical goods while empowering our communities and revalue waste to became a proper and fair product. Every purchase supports social enterprise partners and gives back to a social cause.

More than 100 pieces and different items, half were sold during the event, Jewelries from Kunang Jewelry, Natural dyeing Bags & Mask and eco-stainless straw from Gonia Art, Aquarelle painting and silk scarf printed from Anuroe, Cat Hammock and Hair Accessories from La Pender (Lapas Perempuan Denpasar; Denpasar Women Prisoners), Baby Gym in collaboration with Celuluk Cenik Crochetry. It was a fantastic day spent with our partners, participants, and visitor and an excellent opportunity to introduce ourselves and show what we are doing to support social enterprises. Buying from a social enterprise means you are directly supporting the social purpose of that organization. Social Traders have certified all sellers on the Pasar Baik as a social enterprise. The customer has been purchasing a product that is from a ‘socially conscious’ business, and select a cause for shop affect to offer a percentage as a donation during checkout. Each product’s impact is detailed on the product page within our marketplace.

The team described themselves at the crossroads of “Collaboration is everything” and “Money+Meaning” with our mission being to accelerate the evolution of a ‘NEW’, more equitable and equal, global market to specific Social Cause! Our flagship annual event is described as the “Leading Trough Crisis” gathering of local change-makers addressing the world’s toughest challenges through market-based solutions.

That may be the most significant benefit of attending conferences and events where other leaders in social entrepreneurship, social enterprise, and social impact will be. In the late afternoon, after the market, each of us visiting the tenants to share what they couldn’t possibly predict, or couldn’t probably expect that leave us most enriched and fulfilled when getting the conference trail. Overall we could say Pasar Baik is Buy Good, Feel Good.

“Thorough and highly persuasive, ¡ is well on its way to cult status. It has been described as the No Logo of its age, but it’s far more compelling and intelligent than that, and necessary addition to the reading list of marketing, HR, and new product development departments. Read (it) slowly to allow inward digestion without dyspepsia. “

-Matthew Gwyther-.

More details of this next event coming soon – keep an eye on social media and

Kawan Ayu, Base Camp Kawan Baik Indonesia,, Fair Future Indonesia, the 26.08.2020.

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